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Treatment Name: Quality of Life Studies (There are 19 seperate studies listed here)
Keywords: Quality of Life Study
Phase: Other / Approved
Treatment ID#s: VT1282        
Age Group: Pediatric Only
Min Karnofsky Score: Not Specified
Conditions: Newly Diagnosed: Y
Recurrent: Y
Prior Surgery is Allowed
Prior Radiation is Allowed
Prior Chemotherapy is Allowed
Last Updated: 12/03/2005
Tumor Types: Acoustic Neuroma
Anaplastic Astrocytoma
Any Malignant Brain Tumor
Brainstem Glioma
Germ Cell Tumors
Glioblastoma Multiforme
Low Grade Glioma
Metastatic Brain Tumor
Mixed Glioma
Oligodendroglioma High Grade
Oligodendroglioma Low Grade
Optic Glioma
Pediatric Brain Tumors
Pineal Gland Tumor
Pituitary Tumors
PNET Tumor
Recurrent Malignant Pediatric Brain Tumors
  • Development & Validation of a new Measure of Coping and Loss for
  • Parents of Children with Cancer.
  • Evaluation of Distress in Brain Tumor Patients as Manifest in
  • Depression, Anxiety and Physical Symptoms.
  • Dose-Dependent Effects of Radiation Therapy on Cerebral Blood Flow and
  • Metabolism on Neurocognitive Dysfunction.
  • Parental Cancers Influence on Coping, Adjustment, and Parent-Child
  • Interactions in Adolescents.
  • Depression in Adult Patients with Brain Tumors.
  • Symptom Clusters in Adult Patients with Glioma: depression, appetite changes, fatigue, sleep changes, sexual changes.
  • Learning Impairments Among Survivors of Childhood Cancer.
  • Social Functioning and Quality of Life in Pediatric Cancer Survivors.
  • Impact of Fatigue on Quality of Life in Adolescent Cancer Survivors.
  • Loneliness and Rejection in Pediatric Cancer Patients.
  • Psychosocial Adjustment of Parents of Pediatric Cancer Survivors.
  • Health Promotion among Childhood Cancer Survivors: Identifying who to target and how to intervene.
  • Stress Reduction among Patients with Glioma: Identifying who to target and how to intervene.
  • Cognitive Improvement in Patients Receiving Hyperbaric Treatment.
  • Evaluations of Quality of Life in Patients Receiving Monoclonal Antibody Treatment.
Treatment Type: Less-Toxics.
Contact: The Brain Tumor Center at Duke
Henry Friedman, MD
Contact: Dr. Henry S. Friedman
Rm 047 Baker House, Hospital South
Trent Drive
Durham, NC 27710-
Fax: (919)684-6674
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