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The following is a list of people dealing with brain tumors. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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David Bringley [10/20/2014-3743] Canton, MI USA : Please pray for my dear brother who was diagnosed with GBM Stage IV in March 2014. Your prayers are much appreciated!
Amber Moosvi [10/18/2014-2586] Des Plaines, IL USA : Amber is only 16 years old and has Stage 4 GBM. She is fighting for her life and prayers are needed. You can learn more about her journey at Thank You
Nel Ventora [10/03/2014-3742] San francisco, califonia, USA : Pls help for the prayers to hail my boyfriend from his brain cancer and have fast recovery from his surgery last sept 1,2014 ...
Robyn E [09/09/2014-3741] Hartselle, AL USA : I was diagnosed on 6/22/14 with glioblastoma multiforme I have 8 radiation treatments left and I feel great. Just want folks to pray for me and I will pray for you too!
Corinne McCall [08/19/2014-3740] Chula Vista, CA USA : meningioma/posterior fossa
Debra Gechter [08/15/2014-3738] SevenPersons, AB Canada : Brain Tumor
John Lowery [08/05/2014-3737] Richmond, VA USA : I'm having a left side temporal lobe surgery 12 August 2014. I was diagnosed with a tumor July 23 ish. I;m grateful for the grace, mercy and healing power of God almighty. In him I believe as well as others that believe. Thank You
Jeanne C [05/26/2014-2285] San Mateo, CA USA : Jeanne has an acoustic neuroma that has grown into the brain stem, stretched the trigeminal nerve, causing trigeminal neuralgia. She is looking for guidance on finding the right treatment and would appreciate positive thoughts to help guide her in her search. Thank you, and our good thoughts go to all those who suffer with debilitating diseases.
Kendra Carter [05/03/2014-3732] Abingdon, MD USA : Diagnosed with Glioblastoma Stage 4 had surgery 3/22/14. Starting radiation and chemo this week. Also have limb girdle muscular dystrophy and am very nervous about treatment.
Stan K [04/14/2014-730] Port Reading, NJ USA : My beautiful husband & father of 3 Keep him in your prayers
Sylvia Holland [03/21/2014-3730] Port Isabel, TX USA : Sylvia Holland has a husband and three children, the youngest being 8 years old. In the last 5 years Sylvia has had a Masssectomy, total hysterectomy, and just today has had surgery on her brain for two rumors. The rumors are cancer. Sylvia and her family need healing prayers . Please pray for healing or a painless passing over.
Helen Terry [03/19/2014-3729] Dallas, TX USA : My darling wife Helen, mother of three and grandmother to 3 girls and a boy was diagnosed with glioblastoma last week
Jim Peters [03/14/2014-3727] Merriam, KS USA
Savitha N [01/27/2014-3724] Mysore, India : My wife suffering from brain tumor, undergone for surgery now preparing for radio therapy request to pray for her health.
rebeccah cloutier [01/09/2014-3721] victoria harbour, ON canada : Beautiful blue eyed 8 year old Rebeccah needs a miracle like many other people. Ahe remains optimistic and 100Percent selfless despite just being diagnosed october 25 2013 with GBM in the thalamus. Please pray. Xoxox A loving mom
Paul Shearer [12/11/2013-3719] Troy, MO USA : Glioblastoma Multiforme
Howard Kaden [11/14/2013-3718] Merrick, NY USA
Matthew Adams [11/06/2013-3717] Woodbridge, VA USA : Matt has been diagnosed with Stage IV GBM, inoperable they say. He's undergone chemo and radiation and we are now looking into clinical trials and other options. Please pray the Lord brings forth a miracle of healing for Matt and that we find the right trials and doctors to assist. I pray for all of you and your families undergoing similar life changing diagnosis. May the Lord watch over and heal us all. Thank you.
Frances A [10/10/2013-995] Lexington, KY USA : Frances & I were best friends in high school and have just been reconnected via email after 30 years. Please pray that she can beat this thing so that we can rekindle a very close friendship in person.
muriel warren [10/04/2013-2959] tyler, TX USA : Tumor at brain stem
Curt Waltz [09/23/2013-793] Parkland, PA USA : Ijust want my cousin to keep fighting after the discovery and removal of a huge OA tumor he had for years The Doctor said it was the size of a tennis ball which explains the severe headaches and loss of some voluntary actions and peculiar behavior Keep Fighting Cuz...
Victoria Myers [08/30/2013-2907] cumming , GA USA : This is my wonderful wife who was diagnosed June2013 with GBM Stage 4 inoperable ..All Prayer and Positive thoughts very heart felt..Thanks Norman
Almetta Revis [08/21/2013-2758] Raleigh, N. USA : She is my sister,and was told in January she has spine and lung cancer.Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. The prayers of the Righteous availeth much!ELDER R.ELLIS
Kathy Clark [08/06/2013-2703] Lakewood, CA USA : Three weeks ago we were going in for water on the brain. Little did we know what awaited us. 10 hours of surgery and the tumor could not be removed. Still waiting on the biopsy results. Please pray for my wife.
Louise Harrison [07/22/2013-2690] Thunder Bay, ON Canada : please pray for her --- she is an extra special lady in the prime of her life
Mitzi Jennings [05/24/2013-2674] Gainesville, GA USA : Praying for a cure.
Mary Atwin [05/21/2013-2507] Fredericton, NB Canada : I'am very scared...start treatments May 18 :(
John Bobowicz [03/26/2013-2664] Derby, NY USA : John was diagnosed with GBM in Feb. 2012. He has had two recurrences and two craniotomies. His next MRI is tomorrow. Please say a prayer for him! Thank you. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Robin (John's wife)
Kay Garton [03/03/2013-2663] jupiter, FL USA : Numbers 6:25-27 - The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee
chuck velasco [02/17/2013-2662] des plaines, IL USA : please send healing energy and prayers to my love who has inoprable GBM and is paralyzed since nov. 2012.
Segunda G [02/16/2013-2661] Captain cook, HI USA : She is battling with a tumor on her brain stem & has been since April 2010. Now on hospice care..please pray for her to be comfortable
eutona simkins [01/25/2013-2658] grandjunction, CO USA : 78 years old, my mom, diagnosed with brain cancer
Christopher Heginbotham [01/20/2013-2109] Isle of Man , IM USA : Diagnosed in 2006 with an acoustic neuroma. Please pray for my husband's recovery from this tumour.
Cole Cunningham [12/26/2012-2654] Frankfort, IL USA : Please pray for 12 yr old Cole who has been dealing with a NGGCT for the past 12 months. Thank you.
adit ram sachdeva [12/21/2012-2653] sibi, BL pakistan : please pray for my father,he,has 4cm colloid cyst in 3rd ventricle.and we going to ramove.but many risks .
Desiree Velasquez [12/01/2012-2651] San Fernando , CA USA : Please pray for Desi, she suffered severe head trauma after a car accident and is on life support.
gillian handley [11/29/2012-2328] birmingham uk, uk : Please say a prayer for my wonderful loving generous mother, grand mother she is 55 years old and was diagnosed with a gbm grade 4 last month and we are all devasted,
Julia Parker [11/03/2012-2645] henderson, NV USA
Isa Soares [08/10/2012-2630] Brazil, SE Brazil : My mom has a GBM , please prayer for. Thanks!
Stephen R. [08/03/2012-1437] Sacramento, CA USA
Paula Sable [07/09/2012-2619] Raleigh, NC USA : STG4 GLIO, surgery, TMZ and radiation. Scared to death that it will come back. PLEASE PRAY for me to have the grace and strength to handle every day.
Jose Reis [07/07/2012-2618] Fremont, CA USA : Please pray for my father who has GBM.
Zach Catron [06/21/2012-2610] Somerset, KY USA : My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme and is only 21 years old. Please pray for us and that God would work a miracle for us and would heal my husband. I pray God does this so we have the chance to glorify him and so others may see God in my husband through this difficult trial.
Kathy Vance [06/18/2012-92] Peru, IN USA : Hi Im a 19 year old female that just found out my mom has an anurism... it is hurting me very much and i would like to see her get better... im so close to her that i dont know what i would do if i lost her... so i would love it if everyone could pray for her and help me to save her life so that i can have more time with her... thanks for all your help.. and email me and try to help encourage me... at thanx alot
Ikram Husain [06/11/2012-776] Jaipur, RJ INDIA
anne bongiorno [06/11/2012-1039] tucson, AZ USA : please pray for my sweet and precious 86 year old mother "anne". evacuated on octber 28,2005 from her home in florida due to the hurricane,she came eariler than usual for her yearly xmas visit only to have a seizure and be diaognosed with a brain tumor on was god's hand that sent her to me that day, and i know and pray that it will be god's hand that will heal her and guide her doctor's with infinate wisdom, her surgeon's hands with presision, her nurses for their patients, the hospital and staff, and the miracales of science for her medications and treatments.prayers for all of us affected for strength to endure and wisdom to make decesion and most important faith to keep us strong.god bless us and may we all pray as one.
Liia Sults [06/08/2012-2603] , Estonia : My mom was diagnosed with glioblastoma in February, she isnt even 60 and wants to live so much! Please pray for a mirracle and healing. God bless you all! I love you mom!
Jonathon Ericson [06/08/2012-964] San Juan Capistrano, CA USA : My husband was just diagnosed wiht a glioblastoma level 4. He was operated on 2 weeks ago. Please pray for his healing that God carries us in his grace. Pray we are guided to the right treatment centers, to the right treatments. Pray for peace in our hearts and for healing to take place in the highest order. God Bless All. In Jesus's name we pray Through God All Things are Possible. Amen
siannah cordery [06/08/2012-2494] belfast, northern ireland : siannah cordery had a very rare brain tumour she is one in 4 peple in the o have this she goes for a scan soon 2 c if it has gone

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